Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time to move on!

I haven't written in a very long time now. Infact, this happens to be my first post of this year. Considering that more than half the year is already over, I, clearly, am living in some other world. But am here to say something else. I have moved and though I'm still figuring out my new haven and until I import all my posts to that site I'd have this post.

Follow me now over here. My new haven and hopefully I'd stick around there.. :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to party!

It is that time of the year when we take off on our yearly vacation. And this time we chose to go to Vegas. It’s not our first time there but it always feels like one. The city that never sleeps and the darker it gets, the more vibrant and picturesque it becomes. No matter what season you choose to come here, it always is one big celebration here. You party here not because of nothing else to do but because that’s what you are here for. The hotels bring out the best in them with decorations and fancy food restaurants. Staying in a hotel is an experience in itself. The memories you create stay with you forever. This time we chose MGM as our home away home. We like to experiment a new hotel everytime we go there to see what they have to offer and how good an experience it would be for us. 

One thing I love doing at Vegas everytime I go there is watching the Dancing fountains at Bellaigio. It’s so fascinating and always leaves me wanting for more. The music and the sound of water gushing up and down; left and right leaves you with nothing but sheer joy. This time around we wanted to eat at one of those exotic buffets in the hotels here that everyone talks about. And it’s not about the food but the whole experience. So we chose it to be Bellagio after careful consideration and umpteen reviews we read online of the people who’ve been there. 

And weren’t disappointed at all to say the least. The Bellagip buffet is everything exotic the different parts of the world has to offer and then some. The trouble arises when you’d want to fill your stomach with some more but just can’t do it. And the person with sweet tooth like me has to make a lot of sacrifices. But I enjoyed every bit of it nonetheless. I was completely blown over by the variety and presentation of food. It amazed me to how much there is in the world that hasn’t been yet tasted. All I can say is that it was one helluva scrumptious meal.

And I can’t wait to get myself back there soon. It’s the city that kicks you out if you aren’t game to what it has to offer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the season begins!

I love this time of the year. The slight nip in the air. The Xmas decorations donning most of the stores and the neighborhood homes. The shopping for gifts galore. What more can a woman ask for. And it all starts with Thanksgiving. I am so grateful and thankful for the life I have. The family that supports me. The friends that keep me company. Some days you just feel like counting your blessings and be in awe. Now as another year comes close to an end, it gives me a reason to celebrate a few milestones. And after all this is the season for celebrations and merriment.

Only if I could take it a tad easy on shopping without putting a major dent on my wallet, I think I am pretty good to go. But the reason to shop is huge considering the new home needs to be accessorized perfectly. The thing about this time of the year which makes me go wild is the Santa Claus. Yup, no matter how old I grow but Santa will always be special. I love the idea of telling Santa everything you wish for and desire. The excitement to see those gifts on the morning of Xmas day makes it all so special. Life is as good and joyous as we make of it. Sometimes it maybe a little off-track but then wouldn’t the adventure be as exciting. The whole idea is to sway with where ever life takes you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Abode!

It’s the simple things that always give you the most pleasure. The empty place where the walls are staring right back at you and anything you say echoes back but at the same time the heart is so full of joy. Boxes all around and yet all I have is a smile on the face. It’s moments like this which make everything worth living for. It’s been a few days we moved into our new abode and all I see is boxes around me waiting to be opened. I’m moving at a snail’s pace. It’s like I’m hit by a lightening. I have no reason to rush into opening each and every box right now. I want to savor this moment of being here. The emptiness of the home but still so full. The smell of fresh paint on the walls. The fluffiness of the new carpet which hasn’t been walked upon. The birds chirping outside and the echoes of the people chattering bouncing right off the walls. If this isn’t blissful then what is?!

They say buying a home is the most important tick on the bucket list. And who am I to deny that. But right now it certainly doesn’t feel like that. Maybe in time I’d be more at ease and have time to think and breathe. Right now I am just too busy checking out the neighbors and what they are upto. It’s oddly satisfying to peek out of your window into your neighbor’s backyard and check out their activities. And while I say that I’d like to assure I mean no harm. It’s the curiosity that makes you do stuff. And maybe they’d be doing exactly that when I’m not looking. Who knows?

As much as I’m in awe of this neighborhood, there is one thing that disturbs me however. It’s the silence which sometimes gets a tad over bearing. It’s as if they’ve been hit by a thunderstorm or their voices have been taken away. Some people would probably love this but I’m freaking out. Will need some more time to settle in and enjoy the tranquility. Not everyday you can claim to be in peace and solitude so let me enjoy while this lasts.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Packing and Unpacking!

In every heart, there is a place called home. A place where you come back after a long day’s work and know you would get some peace and rest. Then it doesn’t matter what the size of the home is. They often say that people living in palaces could be as unhappy as some of the people living in a cottage. The home is where the heart is. And the heart is where the loved ones are. You’d be a family of four living in a one bedroom apartment and still be grateful because of the people living in it.
Packing the whole house can be intimidating. I've been in the comforts of my home for more than 6 years and the idea to move gives me the jitters. It's a bittersweet feeling. The convenience of knowing the people, the area and the surroundings will no longer be there. But what would be there is the excitement of moving into your own home. The place which would be yours forever and which would be decorated / painted / set up the way you like.

As the feeling sinks in, it also brings in all the good times spent in this house. All the celebrations and milestones that happened here.  And as much as I'd like to pack up the whole place and rush to my new abode, there is a void that will be filled only with time. Or maybe I may not even get the time to think as the unpacking would start fast enough. Only time would tell how I’d fair.